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5 Basic Tips for Successfully Webcasting your Event

In 2013, MediaRoom was tapped to webcast our first sporting event. From that first sports event onwards, we hit the floor running, applying our renowned media production skills to the novel craft. Little did we know that webcasting would take off the way it has today.

It wasn’t until the coveted upload speeds became reliable enough to successfully offer a stable video stream that webcasting finally became a game-changer in our industry.

Our Control Room can bring guests in remotely
Our Control Room can bring guests in remotely

Now, COVID-19 represents another shift in the webcasting arena. Understandably so, in-person, multitudinary events have been cancelled until further notice. This has pushed many businesses and organizations into webcasting as a way of keeping their audience engaged and active.

Are you webcasting already or simply exploring the idea? If so, we share a spotlight featuring the 5 must-do items we have learned over the past decade.

Speed matters: More bandwidth ensures fewer issues with your webcast. Most of the issues are due to lackluster speed. Always opt for a wired connection if and when available. Ethernet connection is usually more reliable than any WiFi. Wifi speeds tend to vary greatly according to network traffic.

You are the ringmaster: TV shows require planning. Do rundowns, plan for screen elements, and practice before it starts, just like networks do. Enhance your show with photos, videos, graphics, bring remote guests, you name it! Good planning keeps your audience engaged. This is where our expertise in Broadcast and A/V shows makes a difference.

Be bold: Don’t be afraid to try new approaches to your usual way of doing media. Webcasting is here to stay.

Engage: Embed your show with your social media. That keeps the engagement and recall levels high.

Plan for failure: Have a backup plan at every level. For example, even a stable connection can suffer from outages. Make sure to have an independent backup connection. Also, your gear or your remote guests can have issues as well. Keep a backdoor open to bring the needed support if and when needed.

Vblog / Green Screen combo at our studio
Vblog / Green Screen combo at our studio

Whether broadcasting your local event to audiences and stakeholders across the globe or

bringing in guest speakers to your live online media event, MediaRoom offers extensive broadcast and A/V event expertise to ramp up your live production.

Get in touch with our MediaRoom team and let’s create!

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