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5 Myths about Video Production for your Business

Many businesses fail to consider video when it comes to their marketing strategy due to incorrect or outdated assumptions about video production. Let's talk about five of the most common myths about video content production.

1. “Video Production is too expensive”- There are video productions for every need and budget. Technology has evolved considerably during the last decade or so and now more than ever it is possible to produce high-quality content at a fraction of the cost.

2. “My product or service is too boring for video”- There's video demand for everything. Even accountants have videos (accountants, pretend you didn’t read the last sentence). The point is that the correct video content can create more engagement while uplifting your brand.

3. “I don't have anything to sell”- Although it is true that video content is widely used for external distribution and sales, video content can also be a great engagement tool for internal communications. Video can help with internal processes, training and it is a proven effective way of promoting company-wide efforts while keeping everyone on the same page.

4. “The video has to go viral”- Exposure doesn't necessarily correlate to sales. Plenty of car and mattress salespeople have gone viral over the years and yet their sales barely experienced an uptick. Your video has to reach the right audience and a well thought social media strategy is key.

5. “Video Production is time-consuming”- While it is true that video content generation is a time-consuming endeavor that takes away resources from your core business, it doesn’t need to be that way. Outsourcing or hiring a video production company lets you focus on your business while the video project is ongoing.

Now that we have dispelled these myths, maybe it’s time to get started with your own video content. MediaRoom is here to help. Let's create!

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