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Good Audio is King

It comes to no surprise that media content has never been easier to produce and share online. There’s a plethora of smartphones and video cameras that have truly democratized content creation like never before. However, people seem to dwell too much on image quality and often treat audio as an afterthought.

The Blue Yeti is one of the most popular USB microphones in the market

Unfortunately, audiences are more likely to complain about bad audio over low video quality. Crappy audio can easily scare your audience away from an overall good video. The good news is that reliable and relatively inexpensive audio recording solutions exist. For example, when it comes to voice over work, Vlogs, video presentations and podcasts, plug and play solutions like this Blue Yeti microphone help address that gap. This easy-to-use USB microphone delivers exceptional quality for most of corporate media production needs. There are simply no excuses for bad audio. Just like there’s nothing stopping you from creating and putting content out there.

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