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Miko2: The Power of Video and Media Content

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

If you have a 5 yo, chances are that you have stumbled upon their instagram or facebook posts. Miko, a cutesy little robot pops up in your feed and immediately piques your interest. The looped animation gives way to a “learn more” link that takes you to a flawlessly executed landing page. There’s a high budget, long format video telling Miko’s compelling story. Miko is an “edutainer” who will become your child’s tutor and best friend…or so they say.


The thing is Miko over promises and under delivers every step of the way. Now, what’s really impressive is how the team behind Miko understood the assignment. They harnessed the power of media content to their advantage to pull off this highly misleading stunt. In fact, their marketing strategy was so successful that Miko’s servers went down for hours on Christmas Day. Thousands of people fell for it and it’s so easy to see why. They did four things extremely well:

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Feeds are highly competitive. A text heavy post will no longer engage an audience that’s constantly being bombarded with images of exotic travel destinations, dream houses, luxury living, impressive physical stunts or comedy gags. Miko’s team went for a simple yet effective loop, of a robot making funny faces at the camera. That loop linked to their landing page gave them all the traffic they needed.

Make Your Case

The link to their page didn’t take you straight away to a checkout window or price information. Doing so would’ve been rushed and off-putting, not to mention that it hardly ever works. The landing page is filled with information to ease parents’ concerns. The content is professionally crafted and includes product photography of Miko in action.

Video is the Holy Grail

This is where they went all out. They produced an amazing high-quality video on a day in the life of Miko. The video is beautifully shot and is quite effective in selling you the toy as the next step evolution in digital companionship for your child. The video tells a story that sells you an idea.

The Power of a Quality Presentation.

Even if it is at a subconscious level, people do care about how things are presented to them. Well-thought, carefully crafted, and professionally produced content will always engage audiences at a higher level. The old saying “put your money where your mouth is” comes to mind. Producing high quality media content tells your audience that you genuinely believe in your product even if the product quality itself is questionable… as in Miko’s case.

Bottom Line:

Learn how to leverage media content creation to your advantage. Having the right combination of a well crafted marketing strategy that meets your needs and high-quality content can take your product or service to the next level.

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Elaine Robinson
Elaine Robinson
Mar 17, 2022

Excellent info Misa! Thanks for sharing!

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